1. Software Engineer, Java eBay Enterprise
    (September 20, 2010 - Present)
    • Developed, in Java, fixes to bugs and small new features for GSI’s newest platform in production.
    • A common work day involved the frequent use of maven2, subversion, eclipse, vim, and many other small unix programs conducive to developing software.
  2. Research Assistant: Bryn Mawr College
    (May, 2011 - August, 2011)
    • PI: Eric Eaton
    • Worked on creating new methods of community detection in networks, focusing on using node-attributes in conjunction with edge information, rather than attempting to find communities based solely on edges.
    • Our algorithm develops a probabilistic model over the community assignments of the nodes over multiple full runs of a simulated annealing algorithm. This line of research has roots in this paper.
    • The results of our experiments using the algorithm didn’t prove substantial enough for publication, but showed some promise for good results after we take a trip back to the chalkboard.
  3. Graduate Research Assistant: Los Alamos National Laboratory
    (November 16, 2009 - May 14, 2010)
    • Designed and Developed a large amount of the HPC Accounts system that the lab will use to administer access to their computing resources.
    • Accounts system was written in PHP with a MySQL backend, using the CakePHP framework.
    • Mentor: Cindy Martin,
  4. Research Fellow: University of New Mexico, Computer Science Department
    (August 2008 - May 2009)
  5. Contract Software Engineer: The Geisinger Center for Health Research
    (August 2008 - August 2009)
    • Create software mostly in C# (GUIs and simple executables alike).
    • Most of the time, requirements dictate that the software communicates with some sort of database whether it be a Microsoft Access database or a Microsoft SQL Server database.
  6. Teaching Assitant: Susquehanna University Department of Mathematical Sciences
    (January 2008 - March 2008)
    • Graded problem sets of students in the class Foundations of Analysis
    • The grades on the problem sets were the only grades for the class
  7. Student Researcher/Computer Programmer: MSU REU Program
    (May 21st 2007 - July 13th 2007)
    • Created a Java GUI program to visualize Hyperspectral Images.
    • Project Progress
    • Links for everything related to the my participation in the 2007 iMagine REU hosted by Montclairs State University's Computer Science Department
  8. Real Estate Rehabilitation
    (October 2004 - Present)