Calculus I Fall 2004 - Susquehanna University
College Chemistry I
Core Perspectives
Principles of Psychology
String Bass Lesson
Calculus II Spring 2005 - Susquehanna University
College Chemistry II
Principles of Computer Science
Comments: My first experience with Computer Science!!!
String Bass Lesson
Writing and Thinking
British Literature to 1789 - Gwynedd Mercy College
Comments: This class was quite interesting, and it was great to attend class not only for the subject matter, but for Dr. Dern's excitement and enthusiasm.
Summer 2005
European History 800-1648 - Montgomery County Community College
Career Planning
Comments: A roughly pointless class.
Fall 2005 - Susquehanna University
Data Communications and Networks I and II
Discrete Structures
Linear Algebra
Organic Chemistry I
Physics I
String Bass Lesson
Abstract Algebra Spring 2006
Data Structures
Multivariate Calculus
Organic Chemistry II
Physics II
Problems in Philosophy Summer 2006 - Montgomery County Community College
Computer Architecture Fall 2006
Computer Organization
Digital Electronics and Microcomputers
Comments: An awesome class where endless neat class projects are possible!
E-Business Applications
Physcial Chemistry I
Theory of Computation
Computer Graphics Spring 2007
Introduction to Statistics
Physcial Chemistry II
Programming in Java
Quantitative Analysis
Real Analysis
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Fall 2007
Chemistry Seminar
Complex Analysis
Differential Equations
Forensic Chemistry
Introduction to Film
Operating Systems
Problems in Chemistry (Research in Chemistry)
Quantum Information Theory
Software Engineering: Methodology
Algorithms Spring 2008 - Susquehanna University
Compiler Theory
Database Programming
Instrumental Analysis
Operations Research
Senior Colloquium (Quantum Entropy)
Software Engineering: Practicum
Math 520 - Abstract Algebra I Fall 2008 - University of New Mexico
CS 554 - Compiler Construction
CS 557 - Programming Languages
CS 500 - Theory of Computation
Comments: A great and thought-provoking class taught by, most likely, the best Professor I have ever had, Dr. Cris Moore.
Spring 2009 - University of New Mexico
CS 485 - Intro. Computer Networks
CS 481 - Operating Systems Principles
Seminar: Molecular Computation
Seminar: Theory Group
CS 506 - Computational Geometry Fall 2009 - University of New Mexico
CS 530 - Geometric & Probabilistic Methods in Computer Science
Comments: Finally understand Fourier Transforms! I really enjoyed the way Dr. Williams pauses to "appeal to intuition".
CS 561 - Algorithms & Data Structures
CS 587 - Adv. Operating Systems
CS 592 - Colloquium
CS 522 - Digital Image Processing Spring 2010 - University of New Mexico
CS 523 - Complex Adaptive System
Comments: A great class that looks at a lot of computational methods that were quite different to me upon taking the class. Highly recommend Melanie Mitchell's 2009 book, "Complexity: A Guided Tour" for anyone independent of knowledge of the subject. I certaintly knew little before reading it.
CS 527 - Intro. to Artificial Intelligence
Comments: Dr. Luger was a great Professor.
CS 555 - Adv. Compiler Techniques
CS 592 - Colloquium
Math 312 - Linear Algebra Summer 2012 - University of Pennsylvania
Math 500 - Topology Fall 2012 - University of Pennsylvania
Math 501 - Differential Geometry Spring 2013 - University of Pennsylvania
Math 502 - Abstract Algebra I Fall 2013 - University of Pennsylvania
Math 503 - Abstract Algebra II Spring 2014 - University of Pennsylvania
Math 508 - Advanced Analysis I Fall 2014 - University of Pennsylvania
Math 509 - Advanced Analysis II Spring 2015 - University of Pennsylvania